Something Wicked This Way Comes!

Three Brothers are born into a line of witches that extends back to Salem, Massachusetts and beyond that to Ancient Egypt. But being a witch in a mortal world does not come without consequence and there is always the deadly risk of exposure.

The beautiful, contemporary and gothic sprawling metropolis of Treadwell, Deane County is a place of mystical energy and power, and its mortal inhabitants are ignorant of their Supernatural neighbours. Aaron, Noah and Perry Pogue, along with Pilar and her Romani Coven are Treadwell’s guardians, fighting the forces of evil against Rafaela, the sinister Avatarian Demigoddess. When the Pogue Brothers’ power is compromised and they struggle to put their differences aside, the city’s last line of defence rests with Pilar and the Romani Triad – whose congregation is not without its own, Machiavellian problems.

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Every family has their secrets!

“Something is off-putting in this house, and it isn’t the cat!”

Every family has their secrets, but not every family are witches!

Something Secret continues on from where Something Wicked dramatically ended.

Hot on the trail of Kamenwati after the deadly outcome between Noah and Perry; Isadora teams up with Bermuda Pogue, and her twin sister, Andromeda, in Vancouver Canada, where they believe the Demon, Paimon can open a portal to the Dream Realm.

Their ambitious mission to rescue Noah and Perry is challenged when Rafaela also targets Paimon. He will only assist in exchange for his freedom.

While traversing through the unsteady dimension, it is Bermuda who stumbles across a family secret which could potentially destroy the already struggling-to-happen reunion of Aaron, Noah, and Perry.

Successfully retrieving their fallen uncles, the sisters take refuge in Aaron Pogue’s home where a sinister presence threatens to eliminate the three Pogue Brothers once and for all.

Pilar and the Romani Triad are successful in potentially locating Brady. But, as bad luck would have it, their success is quickly followed by betrayal when they discover their brother is also working with their enemy, Morgana.

Discovering, Noah and Perry’s consciousness is trapped in Limbo, Bermuda, and Andromeda, make a dangerous decision, with the aid of Pilar, to use the power of the Hellmouth to enter Limbo while the lurking evil decides to make its next move.

“Expergisci! (Awaken)” he murmured in Latin.


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