The Mythology of the SOMETHING series is fiction and non-fiction, the non-fiction parts I have put my own supernatural twist on.


(Mentioned in Something Wicked, manifests in Something Secret,…)
Is a place of significant power and phenomenon. The Divinita/God could not control the leviathan it created. Sent to Earth and embedded within, the Whale Mouth Leviathan became known as Hellmouths since before biblical times. They require a significant amount of evil within its proximity to corrupt them. As proven by Säde, under the instruction of the Old One, Maria, the power and influence of the Hellmouth can be nullified by freezing it, as revealed in Ancient Babylon.  While the power of the Solar Star Talisman of the Romani and power of the Lunar Star Talisman possessed by the Witch Uphara; the Hellmouth beneath Babylon was banished from Earth only to return later, hidden beneath the city of Treadwell.
Less powerful Hellmouths reside beneath Vancouver, British Columbia; New York City, New York; New Orleans (and many more)

Romani Book of Shadows:
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Pogue Book of Shadows:
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Babylon Crystals:
(Appears in Something Secret, …)
A shard of pink crystal with a symbol engraved on it that can be used on specific demons in order to control them. Like the demon, Paimon. Later on Ravenna and her sister use a Babylon Crystal to awaken the vampire side of Perry Pogue while his human subconscious is in the Dream Realm only to have it destroyed by the Old One, Aryan. Andromeda stole Rafaela’s Babylon Crystal in order to use it as leverage against Paimon so that he would take her, Bermuda and Isadora to the Dream Realm.

Terra, Nova & Acqua
(Mentioned in Something Secret, …)
Amongst magical legends there is the three, the colossal, creating and destructive forces that govern every living thing, magical and not. Terra: the Doe, Nova: the Dragon and Acqua: the Serpent came before anything and will last long after the ruin. From them the Old One’s came sometimes referred to as ‘Children of the Three’. Their presence in the world was revealed by mere chance when a serpent surfaced in Lake Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. Nova, the centre of the earth, is the larva that flows through its veins. Terra often makes its presence felt in the world, when earthquakes occur.  Their power is represented as the Equilibrium, a magical energy that sows all dimensions and realities to the human world. Some witches have been able to tap into it.

The Old Ones
(Appear in throughout the Something Series…)
Are pure breed magical beings, twelve ultimate deities who were born from Terra, Nova and Acqua during the first millennia of Earth before man, dinosaurs and evil. Their original and great Parthenon was Mauvaise (which in time to come would become known as Al-Khazneh, in the Ancient Jordanian city of Petra). When Malus brought evil into the human world via the Universalis Solarium, the Old Ones rich lush paradise quickly became war torn as demons and evil Old Ones from another dimension began their war to claim this world as theirs. While some of the original, good, Old Ones perished others were driven out of this dimension and as a result made decision to not interfere with happens on earth while demons made it their hell. A few thousand millennia later after a group of deities, called the Gods of Witchcraft, drove the evil occupation and the Potentate out of this dimension; Old One, Maria was granted possession of Earth to teach, guide and nurture good witches and magical beings to better protect it from evil.

(Appear Throughout the Something Series…)
Are the descendants of the original ‘Hominis’…Latin word for Human Beings, were created by the Divinita and presented to the Old Ones so that they could sustain existence of Earth. The first four of their kind, the Original Witches, were Alkina, Coorah, Laella and Malus to which the Divinita referred to as ‘Venefica’…Latin for Witches. Wielding the power of the Universalis Solarium, a Jewel and gift from the Divinita, the four sisters proved themselves powerful. Sister, Malus, believing that she was communicating with the Divinita itself, was seduced by the ultimate and evil force called the Potentate from another dimension outside the realm of Earth. Releasing the ominous force from the Jewel, Malus became the first evil witch and murdered her sisters. Their ancestors were saved by the Old One, Juno (otherwise known as Maria). After the time of the Old Ones and Old Age, came the time of the gods. Zeus had three daughters, the Deities of Fate and the reincarnations of the sister’s Alkina, Coorah and Laella (Otherwise known as Lachesis, Clotho & Atropos).
From Atropos came the Pogue Line of Witches.

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The Deific
(First appears in Something Secret,…)
Surrounding Treadwell, invisible to mortals and magical folk, are gargantuan rock pillars of an unknown origin.
It is said by a Deific in conversation with the witch, Johdi Fox: ‘First there was the powerful three, and then came The Old Ones. When they lost their purchase on this reality thanks to the evil Potentate, the occupation of the Deities came about. But between the Old Ones leaving and the rise of the divine beings, we, Deific, nurtured the earth back to a place of beauty and serenity. We’ve come and gone throughout the ages. We sleep and we wake. We walk multiple dimensions at once. There are many… many, levels to the magical echelon that you ought to be accustomed too. But let me warn you, there are many evils close to you than you’re aware of. Vanquishing, Kamenwati ,will only remove today’s threat. Tomorrow’s threat still lingers in the mirror.’
A member of the Deific revealed herself to the witch, Johdi Fox.

The Twelve Disciples
(Mentioned in Something Secret, …)
As quoted by Bermuda Pogue: “At the end of the Third Age, when the Demon Old Ones and their armies fled this world upon the arrival of the asteroid and a path for a new race of man was paved; the last twelve remaining demons that stayed behind combined their efforts to create ‘The Twelve Disciples’.”
A notorious force of evil in the world that does not even equate to the power of their ruler, the infamous, Potentate. The Twelve Disciples reside in the deepest part of the Underworld that even darkness itself fears it.
Their good equivalent is the group known as the Deific.
It is said that the residual, cosmic energy from the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs trapped them in their chamber. Their influence over evil is via Astral Projection, Telepathy, and Dream Manipulation. Although immeasurable in power they are unable to reach most demons but are represented by their front demon, Paimon and in his vanquish, at the hands of Connemara Penthal, Asmodeus took over the position.
They consider, Rafaela, the Avatarian Demigoddess an abomination to all that is evil as she betrayed them for her own quest to govern the side of evil; leaving them trapped deep in the Underworld.