Pogue Family Tree

The Pogue family tree is vast, ancient and powerful! Long before their modern day presence in Treadwell, Deane County and protecting the Hellmouth from evil, their original ancestor and witch, Atropos (reincarnated as a deity of fate), was active during the Old Age of Earth. A time of original and pure breed magical creatures, a paradise governed by the Old Ones.

……………………………………….(Ancient Times)………………………………………

(Original Witch, First Ancestor, Divine Being)

(Witch – Era: Babylon & Ancient Egypt)

         Lindsay                                      Alera
    (Good Witch/Stealth Witch – Era: Babylon)               (Evil Witch/Stealth Witch – Era: Babylon)
Twin Witches, Lindsay and Alera were rivals from birth, one good and the other evil. Dubbed the ‘Scarlet witch’ because of her unusual red hair, Lindsay proved powerful while occupying a foothold in Jerusalem and was closely allied with the Romani Triad in the area. For years she battled her sister and the forces of evil. Alera was a formidable foe, having created both the Dark Promise Coven and King Solomon’s Lesser Key.

(Half Witch/Half Demon)
The Pogue Family curse was influenced by Rafaela. Believing that the Dark Promise Coven had conspired to kill their leader before she could corrupt the Hellmouth beneath Babylon and use its power to ultimately destroy good forever; Rafaela murdered its members and rescued her mother’s dead body. Tethering the two witches to the same body, with the power of the Hellmouth, Rafaela bound Lindsay and Alera to the same body to make one ultimate power and from there the power of Sensazione started.

……………………………………….(Colonial America)………………………………………

Rebecca Eames
(Good Witch)
During the hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials, Rebecca was the prominent Pogue Ancestor. Both the sides of good and evil had grown oblivious by now, to  how powerful this witch was, forgetting where her ancestry began . She was burnt at the stake for witchcraft after she vanquished Carissa, a Succubus and wife of Mayor, Winston Estherbridge.
She possessed the ability to cast spells along  Pogue Family Powers Psychometry and Energy Manipulation.

 Nathaniel Eames
(Good Witch)
One of eight children, Nathaniel was the only child, who was a witch to carry on Rebecca’s wiccan legacy. He possessed the powers of Telekinesis and Precognition which advanced to Astral Echo that allowed him to Astral Project into his visions  – foreseeing the tremendous power that resided in Treadwell.

Una Eames
(Good Witch)

Jonathan Forrestal
(Good Witch)
Son of Una Eames and Angus Forrestal. He possessed the power of Astral Projection.

Amethyst Forrestal

(Good Witch, Evil Witch)
Daughter of Jonathon Forrestal and Belinda Bloom. Innately a powerful witch, she possessed the power of Soul Reading. A rare power often associated with evil witches that allowed her to read the souls of others to the point where she was able to determine both their future and fate. Growing into a beautiful woman, Amethyst married Adam Hallow, the son of a rich and powerful man in Salem. Amethyst had an  affair with Lachlan Houghton, a Bank man. She had killed innocent mortals by using her power to curse death upon them. The Potentate, although banished from this dimension, had seduced her to evil through Lachlan Houghton who was secretly a evil and powerful Warlock. Amethyst met her demise at the hands of the High Coven of Salem.

Sara Hallow
(Good Witch)
Daughter of Amethyst and Adam Hallow. She possessed the power of Precognition.

Nahem Post
 (Good Witch)
Son of Sara Hallow and Geoffrey Post. He possessed the power of Pyrokinesis. Was shot dead by the notorious Courtmen Witch Hunters who were summoned to Salem by the sinister Mayor Winston Estherbridge.

Callum Post
(Good Witch)
Son of Nahem Post and Amanda Lancaster. He possessed the power of Conjuring. The eldest of three children, younger brother William and sister Flora-Jane. He married a woman named Delilah with who he had three children, a son and two daughter’s who were all witches. Eldest Daughter Jacqueline possessed the power of Divination. Second daughter Teague possessed the power of Molecular Combustion. Youngest son Angus possessed the power of Paralysis. Callum found the tale in the back of his families Book of Shadows about the city of Treadwell that would become a plateau of great power. He up rooted his wife and three children and began his journey to Britain, where boarding the tall ships known as the First Fleet they set sail for the place of power his ancestor Nathaniel Eames had foreseen.
Upon arriving in the already thriving colonial city of Treadwell, the small family took up residence in the Edina Manor on Logan Square.

Angus Post
(Good Witch)
Son of Callum Post and Delilah. He possessed the power of Paralysis.


Druid Post
(Good Witch)
Son of Angus Post and unknown wife. He possessed the power of Telepathy. Druid married a beautiful Wood Nymph named Wynter Pride. Together they had twin sons, Constance and Campbell, with the latter still born. The combination of a powerful witch and a attractive Wood Nymph activated a heightened sensuality. The coming generations – starting with Constance – began to experience an innate lust, a thirsty drive to lure and vanquish evil. This lust made them incredibly attractive to evil and individually more powerful.

Constance Post
(Good Witch)
Possessed the unique power of Sensazione. His power was a rarity, a combination of Intuition, Medium, Foresight, Empathy, and Telepathy – which many considered to be an ultimate power. To see, read minds and feel, and know what evil is planning is good’s greatest asset and intimidation. More often than he’d like, through the use of his power he communicated with ghosts. Constance and wife Leena Thornton had four children; two son’s Kieran and Dolton and two daughter’s Lo and Bristol. Throughout his life he had moments where his power would become unstable and he could suddenly create a clone of the dormant side of his mind which came to be known as Campbell. This ability became known a Mentale Separazione: to have full access to both sides of the mind and separate them into two physical forms.

Bristol Post
(Good Witch/Stealth Witch)
Innately powerful just like her ancestor Amethyst Hallow, Bristol possessed powerful magic and the ability of Energy Manipulation. During their reign as witches, Bristol and her siblings with the aid of the Romani in the area went up against a powerful evil that was trying to corrupt the Hellmouth beneath Treadwell. Mephistopheles, a fallen angel posed as a Warlock named Varg who collected powerful magical individuals. She became the first witch in the Pogue Family to inherit a past-life to increase her own power becoming a Stealth Witch. In another life she an angel and an opponent of Mephistopheles named Anaphora.

Tempest Pogue           Philomena Pogue            Patrella Pogue            Darla Pogue
(Good Witches)
The four daughters of Bristol Post. Remarkably the most powerful witches of the entire Pogue Family Line, fusing their magic with their blood they became known as the ultimate level of witch known to the magical community; Gamma Witches. The eldest, Tempest possessed the power of Pyrokinesis & Transparency (Invisibility). Philomena possessed the power of Telekinesis & Gravity Manipulation. Patrella possessed the power of Electrokinesis and youngest sister Darla possessed the power of Energy Manipulation – the first witch to make it physically visible, creating rotating ring’s of energy around her body like the ring’s of Saturn.
Their final and ultimate battle was against the colossal, horned demon Troupeador. Their reward for vanquishing him was becoming archangels and their bodies turned to stone and placed in the Holy place of Santo Cathedral.

Lindsay Pogue         Harmony Pogue         Daniel Pogue
(Good Witches/Evil Witch)
Lindsay,  the most powerful of her siblings. A bountiful red haired witch with a rebellious attitude, she possessed rare powers: Matter Alteration – ability to use mirrors as portals and modes of transportation, Telekinesis, Conjuring, Molecular Combustion and the obscured power of Sensazione. As a teenager she fell in love with and married high school sweetheart Gregory Fox with whom she had three son’s Aaron, Noah and Prometheus (Perry). After divorcing Greg, Lindsay married another Custodian, Dylan Tate. But like her ancestors Lindsay Hogue of Babylon and Constance Post of Treadwell, she too suffered from her power of Sensazione as evil ancestor, Alera, would whisper to her from other side. Seduced by evil like her ancestor Amethyst, Lindsay made a evil pact with a rogue, male, Vampire Slayer named Raven Straig – she would spare his life if he killed her, allowing Alera and herself to be united in the same body. That fateful night, Raven fought Harmony and Daniel, unaware of their sister’s evil pact.
In a colossal battle that followed upon Lindsay’s resurrection, husband Greg – like he did to save his love as a girlfriend – used his Custodian Powers to separate Lindsay and Alera into two physical forms. Tempest, Philomena, Patrella and Darla removed the soul of Lindsay and source of her power from her body and buried in an unknown location. They placed her soul and power in an unknown vessel. While banishing Alera back to the other side.
In their deaths, Harmony became Queen Harmonious of the Throne Angel’s sect and Daniel becoming Justice, Superior Angel of Death that oversaw all Angels of Death.

Aaron Pogue         Noah Pogue       Perry Pogue
(Good Witches)
Son’s of Lindsay Pogue and Gregory Fox. Aaron possessed the power of Deflection & Molecular Combustion. He later relinquished his magic and powers, placing the blame entirely on the situation involving his mother and rogue vampire slayer, Raven. Aaron believed being witch only brought about death to loved ones. Although ironically he is surrounded by magic due to his children being witches. Noah, Half Witch, Half Custodian possesses the power of Probability Manipulation. His Custodian powers consist of Therianthrope (Shapeshifting – winged cougar), Teleportation,  Telepathy and Healing. Perry, otherwise known as Prometheus, possesses the power of Sensazione, Projective Levitation and Telekinesis. Bitter toward his brother for living irresponsibly, Aaron, contacted and met Vampire Sovereign, Caydit Packrem, leader of the Los Angeles Nocturne League and had her turn Perry into a vampire only to have it backfire. He was ultimately turned into a hybrid when his witch-gene overpowered the vampire trying to inhabit his body. Perry gained all the strengths of a vampire and no weaknesses. Because of this he is able to have full control over his Sensazione power unlike his ancestors.
Although separated by personal choice, reunited, they’re power has the potential to overpower Rafaela who has returned to earth from her hell dimension ‘Alestra’ and taken up residence in Treadwell, attempting to corrupt the Hellmouth beneath it in order to bring Lindsay and her mother Alera back as an ultimate force of evil.

Graeme Pogue       Bermuda/Andromeda/Theodora Pogue         Isadora Pogue       Shane Penthal
(Good Witches)



(Names in bold font represent those who carried on the family line)
(Additional ancestors will be added above or below dotted lines)

All names are a work of fiction. Any similarity in names maybe coincidental.