Romani Family Tree

There is a myth about how the Romani came into existence, that they are the children of the Old One, the Morrígan. Created from the Tree of Life the Romani are fearsome in their ability to wield the power of earth and all its elements.

…………………….(Ancient Times)…………………….

The Morrígan
(Old One)
As one of earth’s original inhabitants, the Morrígan, like the other Old One’s is a pure breed magical creature that possesses colossal power. In the Old Age it appeared as three giant figures, hooded and faceless. Keeper of the Tree of Life and the Garden of Eden, The Morrígan, observed the first four witches
Alkina, Coorah, Laella and Malus, and decided that they should have a counter part to help them fight the forces of evil. Walking through the Garden of Eden, picking an apple from the Tree of Life, the Old One presented the fruit to Eliora (Eve) with the offer to be one with the earth and to be able to harness its incredible power and elements, to understand and speak all languages and commune with animals. Killed by the forces of evil when the first evil witch, Malice, turned paradise into hell when she allow the Potentate passage to earth and the demon age began. The dying Morrígan fled to the Spirit Realm/Dream Realm where it died indefinitely but not before giving its soul to Atropos to be resurrected in the future. When Dantalian, Persia and Mar’s Romani were born, The Old One was resurrected as their subconscious; only becoming active in the Romani’s slumber.

(Original Romani)
Possessed the powers of Omnilingualism and Nature Manipulation.
Her many children spread out far and wide across the world creating various Romani Covens.

A child of Adam and Eve. She possessed multiple powers.

Esmeralda D’hôte           Judea D’hôte             Inara D’hôte           Nera D’hôte
(Good Romani)
Daughters of Blair and unknown father. Powerful gypsies that lived during the Babylon period and were closely allied with Uphara the great sorceress of Ancient Egypt. They helped in the battle of Babylon and successfully wielded the full power of the sun with their amulet, the Solar Star.
Rafaela was banished to an unknown dimension and Alera/Lindsay was vanquished. The cost was that Babylon was destroyed and the Hellmouth cast back up into the heavens and related to another place on earth… beneath Treadwell city. Esmeralda was turned into Vampire by the Vampire King, Lazarus and together they tried to kill Uphara. Ultimately he was vanquished by the Vampire Slayer in the area and Esmeralda journeyed around the world, tasting the blood of every nation while secretly spying on her daughter Cadán.

(Good Romani)

…………………….(8th Century Napoli)…………………….

Amedea Bonifacio
(Good Romani/Mischling – Half Witch/Half Romani)
Amedea was born in 8th Century Napoli. Daughter of a Witch and a Romani. From here the Romani Family Tree increased in its power. It was here that the existence of the Philanderer Demon was discovered paving way for a mortal enemy: Romani vs. Philanderer Demon. Amedea witnessed the evil Old One Eisheth descend from a portal in the sky, kill her husband Hyson and turn him into the first Philanderer Demon. He killed her and Eisheth had him steal the Romani family heirloom, The Solar Star Talisman only to have Ryder Romani travel back in time from the year 2015 and retrieve it.

Fiore Bonifacio
(Good Romani/Mischling – Half Witch/Half Romani)
Daughter of Amedea and Hyson.

…………………….(Medieval Romania)…………………….

Kizzy Boian
(Good Romani/Mischling – Half Witch/Half Romani)
Lived in Floreşti Transylvania, Romania.

Vadoma Boian
(Good Romani/Mischling – Half Witch/Half Romani)
Daughter of Kizzy. She possessed the powers of Voyeurism (Remote viewing via crystal ball or meditation), Clairvoyance and Electricity Manipulation while possessing the elemental power of Advanced Weather Manipulation. She had the innate skills of Tarot Card Reading and Intuition. She discovered that not only was her sworn enemy the Philanderer Demons but also a murderous gypsy hunter named Jon Chasseur De Gitan, who murdered  her and the Natura Clan she belonged too.

Tamás Boian
(Good Romani/Mischling – Half Witch/Half Romani)
Son of Vadoma.

…………………….(Colonial America)…………………….

Carson, Jordan, Brian & Zara
(Good Romani/Mischling – Half Witch/Half Romani)
Lived in Salem. Crossed paths with Nathaniel Eames. They were the second occurrence in the Romani Family Tree that a Triad was formed. Four individuals who wielded significant power of nature. Like Nathaniel Eames, Carson had felt the call of the Hellmouth in its new location beneath the rural planes of Deane County before Treadwell was established.

Jeremiah Western
(Good Romani/Mischling – Half Witch/Half Romani)
Was a part of the High Coven of Salem who helped neutralize Amethyst Hallow.


Hilda Western
(Good Romani/Mischling – Half Witch/Half Romani)
Hilda assisted Constance Post and his children in vanquishing  the fallen angel Mephistopheles.




Pilar Romani, Siobhan, Juliann & Zane
(Good Romani/Mischling – Half Witch/Half Romani)

Madelyn, Addison, Dantalian, Persia, Mars & Brady Romani
(Good Romani/Mischling – Half Witch/Half Romani)

(Names in bold font represent those who carried on the family line)
(Additional ancestors will be added above or below dotted lines)

All names are a work of fiction. Any similarity in names maybe coincidental.