Pogue Witches:



Romani Coven:



Extended Family:

Ravenna – Wife of Aaron Pogue
Connemara Penthal – Wife of Noah Pogue
Kathryn Penthal – Sister of Connemara
Andromeda Pogue (New) – The twin sister of Bermuda, resides in Vancouver, Canada
Mars Romani (New) – Twin brother of Persia and Dantalian
Serene Rein – Step-daughter of Pilar and elf Queen of the Autumn Forest.


Good Witches, Romani & Good Magical Beings:

Julyanne (New) – A powerful witch, and High Priestess of British Columbia, Canada
The MorrĂ­gan – An Old One who resides in The Dream/Spirit Realms
Diana – Goddess and lover of Julyanne
Gaia, Rhea, Pan & Dionysus – Deities of Earth located in Butchart Gardens
First Nations – Canadian aboriginals who inhabitants of the Dream Realm
Chief Alo – Leader of the Omega clan
Proud Buck – Chief of the Forest Clan
_Grey-Wing – High Chief of the Bold Clan
Carmen Penthal – The deceased sister witch of Connemara & Kathryn Penthal
Aryan – A Mongkukulam (Filipino witch) who came to be possessed by the Old One, Vesta
Daemon – Dream gods who preside of the Dream Realm
_Phantasos, Morpheus & Phobetor
Tempest Pogue – Ancestor. Grandmother of Aaron, Noah and Perry Pogue
Philomena Beaumont – Ancestor. Sister of Tempest, Great Aunt of Aaron, Noah and Perry Pogue
Amethyst – Pogue Ancestor, begins to haunt Bermuda
Andros – A male witch. Possesses the power of Matter Alteration, using mirrors as portals for transportation
Atropos, Lachesis and Clotho – Three Sisters of Fate
Genvera – Leader of a group of mystical Griffins
Pridham – A female Custodian appointed to the Pogue Family
Renae & Basset – Custodians appointed to the Romani Family
Oracles of Phaedra – A powerful trio who can foresee all


Demons & Evil Beings:

Paimon – An ancient demon king, gay lover of Asmodeus and servant of Twelve Disciples of Malignant
Dark Promise Coven – A congregation of evil witches that follows Alera.
_The Judges – Evil witches turned into demons as a reward for their worship to Asmodeus
_King Solomon – In ancient times was a devout follower of Alera
Asmodeus – An ancient demon king. Entombed in ice by the goddess, Rhea
Kamenwati/Kamen – Powerful Nightmare Soldier & Rafaela’s right-hand demon
_ Mangiare Demons – Specie of Nightmare Soldiers, sub-specie of Incubo
_ Kati – One of three Mangiare Demons in the Dream Realm
_Laedo – Sub-specie of Nightmare Soldiers, the name means incapacitate in Latin
Haarlem Blackheart – An evil pirate whose ship is the Nautica
Abiteth, the Devourer – A devourer of the beautiful and light
Slither/Sheppard Romani – An evil Romani and brother of Pilar
_Snake Demons – minions of Slither
Melpomene – The Muse of Tragedy and seized control over Limbo
Rasima/Ima –
Modesto Coven