(Additional Characters are added to each book)

Pogue Witches

Aaron Pogue
(Eldest Brother, he is now mortal after relinquishing his magic)
Noah Pogue
(Middle Brother, Half Witch/Half Custodian. Possesses the power of Probability Manipulation as well as limited healing powers from his Custodian side)
Prometheus (Perry) Pogue
(Youngest Brother, Half Witch/Half Vampire. Possesses the unique power of Sensazione. Exhibits no weaknesses associated with vampires only their strengths.)
Bermuda Pogue
(An adept witch that possesses the powers of Sensazione and Deflection. Said to be the daughter of Aaron Pogue.)
Isadora Pogue
(An adept witch that possesses the powers of Photokinesis and Energy Manipulation. Said to be the youngest daughter of Aaron Pogue)
Shane Penthal
(A witch that possesses the power of Electricity Manipulation/Electrokinesis. Son of Noah Pogue and Connemara Penthal)


Romani (Gypsies)

The Triad
(Four powerful Half Romani/Half Witches also known as Mischling, that possess the power of Telepathy and power over Nature in its various forms. Their sacred symbol is the Triple Goddess/Triple Crescent. Siobhan, Juliann, Zane & Pilar Romani)
Pilar Romani
(Leader of the Romani Coven in Treadwell and youngest member of the Triad. She possesses the power of Paralysis)
Madelyn Romani
(Eldest daughter of Pilar and Anthoni Romani. An adept Mischling that possesses the power of Nature Manipulation)
Addison Romani
(Second daughter of Pilar and Anthoni Romani. An adept Mischling that possesses the power of Telekinesis along with the power of Nature Manipulation)
Persia, Mars and Dantalian Romani
(Triplets of Pilar and Anthoni Romani. Distinctly more powerful than their siblings, they’re subconscious is the Old One known as the Morrígan. Persia possesses the power of Electrokinesis and Dantalian, Pyrokinesis)
Brady Romani
(The youngest of the Romani family. Born a Mischling he is also a mythical Siren. )


Other Characters
The Siren Sorority
(A group of highly powerful and skilled, mythical Sirens who act as Hit-Women and Witness Protection. They are aligned with Custodian’s and the Government Supernatural Bureau.)
Old Ones
(Are Primordial Beings that existed in the Old Age before the time of man and evil. They are the children of the Three; Terra, Nova and Acqua [The Doe, the Dragon and the Serpent] many of them live either in the human world or in their own personal dimensions. Queen Maria/Juno governs good magic, husband Jupiter/Adriano is the CEO of the Custodian Order and G.S.B, and Vesta possesses a Filipino Witch named Aryan.)
Connemara Penthal
(Powerful witch and agent of the Government Supernatural Bureau. The high school sweetheart and wife of Noah Pogue. She infiltrated Rafaela’s circle of demons by posing as Connemara Preston. She is also the middle sister of Carmen (deceased) and Kathryn Penthal)
Kathryn Penthal
(Detective and powerful grey witch that lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She is the youngest sister of Connemara and sister in-law of Noah Pogue)
(Mystical hotspots across the world that radiate energy and power whilst attracting a variety of Supernatural beings. Cast out of Heaven, the Whale Mouth Leviathan, were embedded into the earth and became known as Hellmouths. When corrupt by evil, apocalyptic things tend to happen.)


Demons & All things Evil


(Ancient, Avatarian Demigoddess bent on swaying good beings to the side of evil to tip the balance and corrupt the Hellmouth beneath Treadwell. She is the daughter of an evil witch named Alera, and also known as the Whore of Babylon)
Azazel & Alistair
(Sister and Brother demons employed by Rafaela to find the Sundial that is the key to restoring the Pogue Family Magic)
(A evil primordial being known as an Old One disguised as a witch. She created of the Philanderer Demons and wants the Solar Star Talisman.)
Saxon Preston
(Powerful, Philanderer Demon Overlord – has a telepathic connection to all his minions)
Connemara Preston
(Cornacchia Demon – Queen of the Crows and sister of Saxon and Riley Preston.)
(A Weather Being/Tempo Being/Weather Sprite that manifests as a Supercell Storm that brings chaos to Bedwell Harbour in Treadwell)
Caydit Packrem/Cayden
(The vampire Sovereign of Los Angeles. She is the creator of the Nocturne League that exists in and around California. Caydit is also responsible for turning Perry Pogue into a vampire.)


Demons & All things Evil

The Nocturne League of Vampires
(A group of vampires under Caydit Packrem’s control. In the first few chapters of Something Wicked they lure Peter/Perry Pogue into a trap. He, Noah, Isadora and the Triad manage to vanquish most of them with only Caydit escaping.)
(Is a Nightmare Soldier that originates from the Incubo specie of demon. Highly skilled and powerful, is employed by Rafaela to orchestrate the slaughter of the Sognare (Dream Weaving) Coven in Los Angeles, abducts Perry Pogue and withdraws his nightmares of Alera.)
The Modesto Coven
(Lead by evil witch, Ragel Modesto, the group is bent on trying to steal the power of Pilar and her family after their squib brother Anthoni married Pilar. They work well with the evil Romani, Morgana and are responsible for the abduction of Brady Romani.)
(Is an evil witch that possesses the power of Replication. She can replicate another witch’s ability when it is used on her. She wants the power of the Triad.)
Jon Chasseur De Gitan
(An evil Romani himself, turned into a hunter, hunts Romani across the globe killing them or putting them under his power of Mind Control.)