This page is to outline the villains and evil beings in the Something Book Series! Main antagonists will have **** beside their name, while minor villains will have ** while not every villain is present in every book, below their name, in brackets is what book or books they appear in.


Rafaela ****
(Avatarian Demigoddess)
(Appears In Something Wicked, Something Secret, ….)
Older than most evil’s that plague the human but not as old as the Old Ones, Rafaela was born in Ancient Babylon to evil witch Alera and her demon lover Asmodeus. When the Romani and Uphara proved more powerful than expected, Rafaela was banished from this world to an unknown dimension which later became known as Alestra, home to the Avatarian’s, where because of her impressive magic, was hailed a demigoddess. Through her the minor humanoid creatures grew in strength because of Rafaela’s ability to give magic to others. Through this exercise and over hundreds of years she turned the entire dimension into her hell, turning all its occupants evil in the process.

Kamenwati ****
(Incubo, Nightmare Soldier)
(Appears In Something Wicked & Something Secret)
A devious and one of the most malicious evil creatures of the supernatural world, Kamenwati, a powerful Nightmare Soldier can enter your dreams, trap you in them and murder you. They are known as being evil equivalent to the Sandman. After multiple demons prove useless in their attacks and attempts on the Noah and Perry Pogue, Kamenwati offers her services to the Avatarian Demigoddess. She murdered The Sognare Coven of witches in Los Angeles who had been assisting Perry Pogue since he was a child to block out intense night terrors. Proving she was worthy, Kamenwati successfully abducted Perry, struggled against Tempest Pogue and succeeded in turning Perry against Noah at the end of Something Wicked. In she meets her end at the hands of Pogue cousin Johdi in Wicked Secret. Other sub-sects of Incubo consist of the Mangiare and the Laedo which means incapacitate in Latin. They are considered to be more powerful than the Mangiare who are the Dream Devourers. Laedo kill their victims by trapping them in dreams, paralysing them by inserting their barb-like finger nails into the victim’s neck and feed off their life force.

Caydit Packrem/Cayden **
(Vampire Sovereign of Los Angeles)
(Appears In Something Wicked, ….)
Some believe the myth that Caydit is Cadán, daughter of the vampire empress Esmeralda D’hôte before she was turned into a vampire by Lazarus during the Babylon period. As sovereign and leader of Nocturne League in Los Angeles, Caydit/Cayden is influential in and around the supernatural world that inhabits California. She believes herself to be an artist; each victim she and her group kill is a blank canvas that she re-sculpts into a creature of the night, just like she did to Perry Pogue whom she praises as being her greatest master piece. When Noah ventures to L.A in search of Perry, he stumbles into a fight between Perry and the Nocturne League. With the help of Pilar Romani and the Triad and Isadora, the Nocturne League is vanquished. Before fleeing into the shadows, Caydit Packrem plots her revenge on Perry. Although superior, she has the same powers and abilities of a normal vampire: Accelerated Movement, shift to and from human to demon visage, vulnerability to sunlight, silver and religious objects. Vampires are cloaked in a magical atmosphere that makes them immune to the powers of witches, but during Caydit’s interaction with the Romani Triad; their combined advanced telepathic power was able to infiltrate her mind.

Azazel & Alistair **
(Sibling Demons)
(Appears In Something Wicked, …)
Hired by Rafaela to hunt down the Sundial, Azazel and her brother Alistair are not entirely loyal to their employer. Not much is known about them yet in the Something Series, but while flying solo, Azazel proved herself when she went up against Noah and Perry Pogue when both sides tracked down the location of the sundial atop Lightfoot Hill in North Treadwell. As guardian of the Sundial, powerful goddess, Gaia, banished Azazel back to the Underworld allowing Noah and Perry to escape with the potent, concrete object. Returning with a new mission with her brother Alistair, both demons went up against the power of Isadora, Bermuda, Shane and Noah. Although not entirely a fruitless mission, they escaped with their lives and a note with an address written on it.

Vampires **
(Appears In Something Wicked, …)
They are the beautiful and seductive demons that haunt the night. Their beginning starts with the Potentate. When Malus brought the great evil to this dimension in the Old Age, one of the most pestering creature amongst the demons was the vampire. But while being at the bottom of the good chain, they have proven themselves adaptable throughout the ages. They are immune to the powers of witches because of the magical atmosphere that cloaks them. However they are not immune to sunlight, wooden objects, silver and religious objects.

Dylis/Eisheth ****
(Evil Old One)
(Appears In Something Wicked, …)
First appearing and pretending to be a witch named Dylis with the power of Thought Projection, Eisheth, an evil Old One infiltrated the Romani Coven by befriending Madelyn Romani. She is the creator of the Philanderer Demon she appeared in a flashback when she confronted Romani Ancestor, Amedea, in 8th Century Napoli where she killed and turned Hyson into the first Philanderer Demon. Her power is overwhelming to any supernatural or mortal individual, proven, when she brushed against Ryder Romani and inundated her powers of Empathy and Telepathy with thoughts and emotions. The Bartender and Wood Nymph, Natalee at the Bel-lair Red nightclub was the only supernatural individual to address her as an Old One. During a confrontation with the Madelyn and her fellow Romani in the Treadwell Botanical Gardens, Eisheth revealed her true self and engaged Ryder when the Romani was mentally transported back in time. The Old One was banished by Ryder in her dimension known as the Meat Locker with the power of the Solar Star Talisman. Later on, during Wicked Secret, Rafaela and Kamenwati have moved into Eisheth’s dimension and use the many bodies, of victims, housed in the Meat Locker to complete a spell to summon the Phantom Mirror.

Floren **
(Philanderer Demon)
(Appears In Something Wicked)
Was a male Philanderer Demon of an unknown rank. He was being tracked by Madelyn Romani and her cohorts after he had killed many innocents in and around Treadwell city. Luring him to a nightclub with a young witch named Layton as bait, Madelyn Romani and her friends vanquished him. He possessed the power to Read Auras, Pheromone Manipulation, spike drinks with magic and seduce women.

Philanderer Demons **
(Appears In Something Wicked, …)
Unlike their vampire counterparts, Philanderer Demons are predators without a bedtime. They hunt day and night. The male’s have the uncanny ability to manipulate pheromones, seduce and lure women in nightclubs while the females achieve the same with the opposite sex. Like a vampire they have a demonic visage with a protruding brow, cat-like eyes, and the area around the mouth becomes dry and inflamed with painful sand cracks and a deadly set of canine teeth. The saliva of a Philanderer Demon is their ultimate weapon, once it’s in their victim’s system they will indefinitely become a demon.

Riel Preston ****
(Philanderer Demon)
(Appears In Something Wicked, …)
Daughter of the Philanderer Demon lord, Saxon Preston. She is an elite demon who observes Madelyn Romani from afar in the Bel-lair Red nightclub. Again she and her demons engage in battle with the Romani in the Treadwell Botanical Gardens. She knows what is going on in the Underworld, she knows about Rafaela’s plan’s to destroy good and resurrected Alera, so she takes it upon herself to test the powers and strength of the Romani Coven to see if they are truly as formidable as the Pogue Coven. Riel is of French Origin. Born to a mortal French woman and a demon father she massacred the small village she lived in, including her own mother, to seal her demon side and become evil.

Carissa Estherbridge **
(Appears In Something Wicked – Flashback)
As wife of the mayor of Salem, Carissa was a high profile woman in the colony. But in their innocence’s the folk of the town were unaware of their supernatural neighbours. Carissa was beautiful and provocative Succubus. She was vanquished by Rebecca Eames. Husband, Mayor, Winston Estherbridge had Rebecca and her coven burnt at the stake.

Winston Estherbridge **
(Appears In Something Wicked – Flashback)
Was the vile and cruel Mayor of the small colony of Salem. As a demon in disguise, he was put in a position of power by the Potentate to flush out and vanquish good witches and gypsies in an attempt to corrupt the small Hellmouth beneath the town. He has Rebecca Eames and her coven burnt at the stake for vanquishing his wife Carissa.

Sévérine ****
(Tempo/Weather Being)
(Appears In Something Wicked)
Sévérine is a powerful Supercell Storm that formed over the ocean and made landfall bring king tides, heavy rain and a tornado that killed many innocents in Bedwell harbour in Treadwell. She is shown to be quite cold and murderous toward mortals. Whilst looming over the city itself, she displays her power by vanquishing a Philanderer Demon and sensing Romani below in the street.

Morgana ****
(Evil Romani)
(Appears In Something Wicked, Something Secret, …)
A modern day knock off to the historic Morgana of King Author, this Morgana is equally as calculating and evil. She has the ability to replicate other magical folk’s powers, mostly witches and gypsies. With the help of Typhoid, Slither and the Modesto Coven, Morgana successfully abducts Brady Romani and holds his him hostage in the barn of her house in the evil township of Eris. Her motives are pretty clear. She wants Pilar and the Triad to hand over their power to her in exchange for Brady, or better yet swap him for Pilar’s husband Anthoni.

Texas **
(Philanderer Demon)
(Appears In Something Wicked)
Texas was a charming and attractive Philanderer Demon who waited in line to get into the nightclub that him and Floren were hunting for innocent women at. He seduced a girl named Visper with his demon powers, lured her away from the crowd and killed her but not before turning her into a Philanderer Demon like himself. He is vanquished in a fight against Madelyn Romani in the Treadwell Botanical Gardens.

Visper **
(Newborn Philanderer Demon)
(Appears In Something Wicked)
Visper was an innocent girl who wanted to enjoy a night out in the city going to a nightclub. As a newborn Philanderer Demon, she was deadly. Possessed by her demon lord, Saxon Preston, she proved almost unstoppable. Visper showed great strength when challenging Dantalian Romani’s Pyrokinesis… even when he called upon Sagittarius to increase his power to counter hers. She is vanquished in the fight with Madelyn Romani in the Treadwell Botanical Gardens.

Louis **
(Appears In Something Wicked)
A demon in Azazel’s court. She had him go to Lightfoot Hill to procure the Sundial that was magically hidden within the monument of Colonel William Lightfoot atop Lightfoot Hill in North Treadwell. Engaging in battle against Noah and Perry Pogue, he is vanquished along with his men.

Nightmare Soldiers ****
(Appear In Something Wicked, Something Secret, …)
Are demonic sandmen who linger on the edge of this world and the Dream and Spirit Realms. They can maintain a corporeal form in the real world which is when they are at their weakest, in their in-corporeal state in the Dream and Spirit Realms is when they’re the most powerful. It’s believed that they are immune to the powers of a witch, this is only while in an in-corporeal state.

Jon Chasseur De Gitan ****
(Evil Romani/Gypsy Hunter)
(Appears In Something Wicked, Something Secret, …)
Jon was a good and powerful Romani with the power of Mind Control until he was exiled from his clan because of his same-sex tendencies toward a male Romani named Aiden. Myth tells he battled a powerful clan of Israelite Romani who managed to entomb him in the Haus of Romani. During this period he had almost thirty Romani under his Mind Control, having them commit evil acts in his name. Some hundred years later, a desperate Rafaela released Jon from his tomb and went about his evil behaviour again. Jon murdered the entire Natura Clan on a stormy night after the group tried to entomb him again in Floreşti Transylvania, Romania. In modern day Vancouver, Canada, Jon and now Aiden under the influence of Mind Control commit evil acts together, leaving a trail of dead Romani which eventually draws the attention of the Romani in their area as well as Detective Kathryn Penthal. He soon develops a plan to destroy Pilar and her Mischling Romani after Aiden is suddenly and permanently broken from Jon’s Mind Control.

Genderling Demons **
(Appear In Something Wicked, …)
Are a sex-less and sly race of demons who do whatever they can to gain what they desire. They have the ability to shapeshift between male and female sexes, maintain a constant psychic connection to one another and can read auras with perfect accuracy when telling the future as a sinister means to steal souls. They are vanquishable with a singular power with a multi-witch vanquishing spell.

Undine **
(Demonic Mermaid)
(Appear In Something Wicked, …)
Beautiful to look at like their Mermaid counterparts, the Undine are vile and calculating creatures of the ocean. They lure fishermen and mortals alike to their deaths on the high seas or shallow ocean pools. The female will hunt men for testosterone to increase their immortality and beauty while the semen is used to reproduce. Although proving how they can effortlessly overpower mortals, they seem to be evenly matched against Witches and Romani.

Salacia **
(Ocean Deity)
(Appear In Something Wicked, …)
Wife and consort of King Neptune, Ocean Deity. Corrupted by the power and influence of Rafaela, Salacia, has a taste for attacking mortals whether they are in small boats, yachts or cruise ships to innocent’s simply standing on a jetty or wharf. She has no care but care for the kill itself. After a confrontation with ocean deities Amphitrite, Calypso, Benthesikyme and Cymopoleia and Gregory Fox – now a Sentinel – on the Brighton Jetty, Salacia and the entire Oceanic Realm are considered enemies of the side of good.

The Modesto Coven ****
(Coven of Evil Witches)
(Appear In Something Wicked, …)
Lead by eldest sister Ragel, the Modesto Coven of Witches are the in-law family of Pilar Romani. They are widely known for being controversial in the way they conduct themselves and everything is based on an ulterior motive. Their brother Anthoni Modesto was born a squib, not magical, but for some reason when he married Pilar, his worth went from worthless to highly coveted. Their members consist of Àtrella Suntory, her son Lytton and daughter Sharni, Ragel’s sister’s Dakela and Patricia Modesto. They have another brother named Illarion. Ragel and her coven are closely aligned with Morgana as both have the same goal to take Pilar and her coven’s power.

Asmodeus ****
(Powerful Demon, Lover of Paimon)
(Appears In Something Secret, Something Ornamental, …)

Melpomene ****
(Evil Muse Queen of Tragedy)
(Appears In Something Secret, Something Ornamental, …)

Jotnar **
(Evil Ogres)
(Appears In Something Ornamental, …)

Abiteth, The Devourer **
(Demonic Being)
(Appears In Something Secret, Something Ornamental, …)

All names are a work of fiction. Any similarity in names maybe coincidental.